About HMA

Our Philosophy

 We believe that every individual has the capacity within themselves to accomplish great things. The mission of Hwarang Martial Arts is to be a martial arts school that offers an optimal environment for growth, both physically and mentally, to provide the necessary guidance and personal attention to drive all students to achieve their physical and mental potentials for overall wellness through the sport and art of Taekwondo, and be an active member and positive influence in the community. Our vision is to offer motivation, inspiration, connection, and comprehensive guidance for the betterment of mental, emotional, and physical health of students through the medium of martial arts. Learning is a journey that spans the entirety of life and we want all students to be able to achieve that at HMA.Both instructors and students, strive to adhere to the following tenets and their meaning:

  • Respect – Regarding others as equals without favoritism or discrimination.  Showing mercy compassion to those in need.
  • Self Control – Controlling and mastering the impulsive emotions and urges that do not always lead to a positive outcome and to become the master of one’s mind, body, and techniques.
  • Confidence – Believing in oneself’s ability and potentials, even beyond one’s current place, situation, and circumstance
  • Discipline – The will to do what needs to be done dutifully and faithfully.
  • Focus – Committing all of one’s efforts into accomplishing a goal.
  • Leadership – Setting an example to be admired and followed by others.  Taking responsibility for one’s duties and actions.
  • Integrity – Being consistent in character.  Making the same positive choices whether anybody else may know or not know.

Our Dojang

 We believe that the study and training of martial arts benefits its practitioner on many dimensions. Physical endurance, energy, flexibility, strength, and balance throughout the body can be achieved through the physical conditioning of the martial arts. However, the mental techniques cultivated through the medium of martial arts, such as focus, self-belief, respect, and a positive attitude permeates through all arenas of life. Hwarang Martial Arts is an environment that fosters the growth of its students in all areas of life, and a guide for students to reach self-fulfillment and their potentials.  

Our Name


The Name “Hwarang”

The Hwarang were an elite group of soldiers who were present during the reign of the Shilla Kingdom, comparable to the knights of Europe or the samurai of Japan.  These soldiers practiced in combat techniques along with artistic skills as well.  Coming mostly from families of nobility, the Hwarang were also practiced in calligraphy, music, and aspired for physical beauty as well.  The term “Hwarang” can be translated as “blooming youth”, or the image of a person blossoming as a flower would. The idea of perpetual growth, blossoming into full potential, is the meaning of our school icon: The Flower of Mastery.